Benno Voorham May 27, 2013

All children were eager to continue, but we could take only 7 of them in the performance. On Saturday morning we all went to the children's home to bring the difficult news to those for whom the project had ended. Tears and disappointment for some, for others it was more expected. It is difficult when you want something so much and then it is take away from you. Difficult when their self-image is not in tune with how they worked. The limits of the social/educational sides of this project became very obvious, where we had to make a choice to continue with a smaller group of children that we thought are more ready to be on stage in a professional dance-theatre production. The disappointment for some was also that they would not be part of a two week tour through the Ukraine. This was of course very attractive for many of the children who haven't seen much of the Ukraine outside of the children's home. 

On Sunday we started working with the 7 children that stayed in the project. A very beautiful and productive rehearsal and today we continued our journey. We started working on several new scenes with the children and in the afternoon we worked on some of the solos of the dancers that we created in the project in Moldova. 

Having done the first project last year in Moldova is clearly a great experience of everyone involved in this project. We have more than a week less time to make the performance than in Moldova. It was my choice to still go through a similar process with the children and with Madeléne Beckman from the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design. Which means that we have less than 2 weeks to make the actual performance. Not much time to make a complete new performance, but time enough to do an adaptation of the piece we made a year ago.