Benno Voorham August 20, 2012

The project is moving into its third week and we have less than three weeks left to bring all the different parts together. Today Maline Casta will join us from Stockholm. She will create the costumes and set design for the piece. It will be a lot of work for her to get everything together in this relatively short period before the première on the 8th of September and in a city where she does not yet know her way. Boxes, boxes and more boxes. Boxes to use as building blocks. Boxes for your belongings. Boxes for your memories, your dreams. Boxes to hide, to protect. Last Saturday the dancers played with 20 cardboard boxes, a playful research in what we could do with 20 boxes. It will be fantastic when we have 200 boxes to play with.

On Friday we received the fantastic news that Kulturstiftelsen (Cultural Foundation) of the Swedish Post-code lottery is going to support the project. The project now in Moldova has already the support form the Swedish Institute and Open Society Foundation, but with the support from Kulturstiftelsen we have now a much better financial basis. Even more fantastic is that we now have the resources to create both a Ukrainian and Belarusian edition of the project in 2013.