Back in Chisinau

Benno Voorham August 14, 2012

After a week in Vadul lui Vodă at the river Dnestr, we came back in Chisinau yesterday night to continue the project tomorrow. The past week has been very inspiring and stimulating. On the first day, last Wednesday, we started with a group of 11 teenagers between the age of 11 and 15. About half of them we had met before in the pilot project last November at the children's home in Chisinau where they live. This first day had its ups and downs. The difficult part was that some of the children didn't want to take part in what we proposed that day. Talking with one of them it became clear that she had such high expectations of the project that this became a hindrance to participate because little if anything could live up to her expectations. 

The next day 5 of the children that were there the first day did not come back and 5 new children joined the project. With this group of 12 children, 5 boys and 7 girls, we continued our work and it has been a fantastic week. It has been such a beautiful week to build a basis of trust, interest and joy between the dancers, children, Madeléne Beckman from the Swedish Museum of Architecture and myself with the great support from Irina Grabovan who does the translation between English and Russian and she does much, much more. Talking about language. Not speaking Russian, apart from a few words and sometimes understanding where people talk about but not what they say, is of course a great handicap in being able to communicate with the children and to hear their stories. But then there is the body and it has been great to build a relation with the children through play, games, presence. Like how children that speak different languages still find a way to communicate with each other.