Third week

Benno Voorham August 25, 2012

The third week is heading to its end and we have two weeks left for the première on September 8. This week has been a roller coaster of feelings. After two weeks of play and process with the children and the dancers, it was time to start bringing the work from process to product. This is often a vulnerable moment in the making of a performance; when there are no clear answers yet to questions that live in the group. When we need to be patient, trusting that we will find the answers in the work.

In the beginning of the week Maline joined the project. She has less than three weeks to create both the set and the costumes for the piece. Not a very easy task when you are in a new place where you have to find out where the shops are that have what you need, where you do not speak the language and where the temperature for the last week has been moving between 35 and 40 Celsius. The first she did was to get another 180 boxes for us to play with, and that is exactly what we have been doing the last days: finding many ways of building and playing with or inside the boxes.

There has been a big shift in the group of children of the project. Unfortunately two of the children have been absent because of illness this week. But what was much more troubling was that four of the five boys didn't come back after Tuesday. Today three of them finally appeared to talk with us about the project and if they would stay or not. Two of them stayed for the rehearsal and they will let us know tomorrow if they want to stay in the project. We might need up with only one boy and the rest girls, which would be a pity. The other side is that the girls in the project worked so well this week without the boys around them. It was fantastic and often very moving to see how they more and more opened themselves in the project and felt confident to contribute with ideas, material and stories.