Is ’Home’ something that can be taken with you?
Is it a building, a body, a piece of land or
is it a collection of emotions and memories that can be projected on any place?

ДOM/Home is a project in which Benno Voorham, a Swedish based choreographer, will create a dance performance with a group of 6 dancers from Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus. In this project they will work with a group of teenagers from a children’s home (Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus) to hear their stories, memories, feelings, dreams and reflections on what home means for them. These stories will then be used and integrated in the work that they will create together.

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The première of Casa/Дом in Chisinau, Moldova on the 8th of September, 2012.

4th week of rehearsal, not much time left until the premiere.

Documentary about the project in Ukraine

Pilot project in Bilgorod-Dnistrovsky

Our project connects four different countries

In each of the 3 countries we will conduct a pilot project. During the pilot we will get to know the children, the people surrounding the children and they will get to know us. In the pilot we will work with a larger group of teenagers for 4 days. During those days the teenagers will work with the museum pedagogue, choreographer, a dance teacher and the 6 dancers in a series of sessions in which the method of working will be introduced.

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